The Diocesan curriculum guidelines, consistent with the State of Illinois guidelines, are followed for the teaching of all secular subject areas. Attention is given to the abilities of individual students when assignments are made.


St. Mary School teaches Catholic doctrine and tradition, Bible stories, Social Justice, and preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Eucharist. Students attend Mass with the parish each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Students in Grade 5 take the ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis of Religion Education) Test in February. The sacramental life of the children of the Catholic tradition is an important component of the religion program at St. Mary School. Preparations for two sacraments, Reconciliation and Eucharist, form the core of instruction in Grade 2. In accordance with the diocesan guidelines, candidates for First Eucharist will receive the sacrament of Reconciliation prior to First Eucharist. The sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are only conferred to students baptized in the Roman Catholic tradition.

Computer Literacy

Students will develop proficiency in Word Processing as they integrate the use of computers with subject areas. As students become more proficient with the programs they will learn to use cut, paste, copy, font style and size, spacing, columns, etc. Computer software will be used to reinforce subject content areas.

Fine Arts

St. Mary School offers a Music Program and an Art Program in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students are taught music appreciation, participate in a “Picture the Music Contest” in conjunction with the St. Louis Symphony. Students in 4th and 5th grade learn to play the recorder. Students in K through 5th grade present a Christian musical each year.


Students in Kindergarten are instructed in Shurley English handwriting method. Students in the First Grade are instructed in Zaner Bloser handwriting method. Students in the Second and Third Grade are instructed in the Zaner Bloser Cursive handwriting. Students in the 4th and 5th grade are expected to submit handwritten work in cursive using the Zaner Bloser handwriting method.

Language Arts

Language Arts consists of instruction in Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Phonics Composition, and Literature. All students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 are tested on Dibels Reading Assessment – 3 times per year.


Mathematics skills from counting to pre-algebra and geometry are presented using the Saxon Math Series.

Physical Education

Physical fitness programs are appropriate for each grade.

Science and Social Studies

Science information, activities, and experiences are presented appropriate for each grade level. Communities, Local History, Illinois History, U.S. Regions, U.S. History, Geography, Economics, and current events are presented appropriate for each grade level.


The IOWA Assessment Test is administered to student Kindergarten – Fifth Grade in September. The results of these tests will be kept in the student’s permanent record. Parents shall receive a copy of this information. The results of these tests may be used to help determine correct placement.

Response To Intervention

In accordance with the RtI (Response to Intervention) program, each child’s reading ability will be tested three times per year – Fall, Winter, and Spring. If a child is either at benchmark or above, no further testing above the three times per year will be done. However, if a child scores below benchmark, supplemental reading sessions will be given to help improve reading and skills. Assessment (progress monitoring) will be given periodically to monitor a child’s progress. Parents will be informed of the results of the benchmark/progress monitoring assessments.