Mission & Vision

More than any other program of education sponsored by the Church, the Catholic school has the opportunity and the obligation to be unique, contemporary, and oriented to Christian service:

Unique because it is distinguished by its commitment to the fourfold purpose of Christian education (message, community, service, and liturgy), and by its total design and operation to foster the integration of religion with the rest of learning and living;

Contemporary because it enables students to address with Christian insight the multiple problems which face individuals and society today; Oriented to Christian service because it helps students acquire skills, virtues, and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to others.
(To Teach As Jesus Did. 106)

We, the staff of St. Mary School, have been commissioned to teach as Jesus did. We dedicated ourselves to help the children in our care become the best possible Christians they can be. We will be concerned with the development of the whole child in Christ for a better life on earth and for an eternal place in the kingdom of God. We will strive to see that all students share, grow and learn to their greatest potential by living the “Good New.” We hope to instill an appreciation of wisdom, truth and discipline and to impact a feeling of self-esteem and self-confidence.


St. Mary School is dedicated to the development of the whole child for a better life on earth and for the eternal place in the kingdom of God.